2006 Llamas

We sheared Allen in July, but he still enjoys a good spraying off with the hose on hot days. It’s even better when the hose is a pressure-washer! Randy was cleaning the fences and shed when Allen walked up and indicated he could use a good cleaning.  He dictates how close he gets to the sprayer, and will turn all around to get sprayed on all sides.

Burns likes the sprayer also, but is more into the “mist sensation”.

In late September we took “the boys” to their first Poker Run. This is a very fun event put on by LOWS and is held annually at BobKat Llamas and Middle Earth Llamas in Montesano, WA (BobKat Llamas is our boy’s birth home). A potluck lunch was followed by a 3.5 mile hike around a former game farm, all the while collecting cards for a poker hand. This was the first time the boys have been on a hike like this so naturally Janet had to fret and worry. But the worry was for nothing - they did awesome!! Plus Randy had the second best hand (three-of-a-kind - no snickering, it was five card draw!) so he won some money.  Very fun day.  We said goodbye (but not farewell) to Kat McKinney - she and Bob have relocated BobKat Llamas to eastern Washington.

Later this fall we will be taking the boys to a pumpkin maze .....

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