Clarke Camping, July 2008

When we were kids, we were lucky enough to go on a camping trip every summer with our folks. We hit nearly every western state and a couple of Canadian provinces as well.  While many of the memories of those long-ago trips have faded, the seeds of enjoying the outdoors were firmly planted in each of us, and as we matured into adulthood we all continued our own camping traditions.  In July 2008, for the first time in probably 30 years, the Clarkes got together for the first ever (and hopefully not last) family reunion camping trip.  Our destination - the southern Oregon coast!

Have you ever pulled into a campground and seen one of those ďmega-campsitesĒ, where it appears that everything AND the kitchen sink have settled in?  If you were at Bullardís Beach State Park, OR, the second week of July - that mega-campsite was us!

Eight adults, two teenagers, one kid, six big dogs, three tents, one trailer, four cars, six ice chests, and twelve camping chairs.

I count only three dogs in this shot, which means that three camping canines are hiding.  We had our three dogs, Janetís brother Dave had his two labrador boys and Janetís brother Steve and his wife Laurie brought their big baby (and I do mean baby), Stuka the weimaraner.  We turned some heads when we walked them around the campground loop!

One of our days was spent on a road trip down the OR coast into northern California to visit Janetís alma mater, Humboldt State University. Lots of good great memories for Janet there, and she had not been back in almost 25 years.  Itís a beautiful drive - here are Karen, Whitney and Mik at an OR coast overlook.

Below, a variation on the self-portrait - this is dashboard-cam.

At the school, there were alot of buildings and courtyards that Janet remembered, but not this one on the left - definitely an upgrade over the old Wildlife building in the early 1980s.  Makes for a nice family portrait though!

Below, Karen and Janet point out the giant balls on Babe the Blue Ox near Paul Bunyan. That is no steer, dear.

Despite a few hiccups, like Wileyís tendency towards car-sickness (thatís why the dog bed cover is washable) and Gracieís fear of the campfire, our dogs proved to be very good campers.  Wiley normally sleeps in with Randy at home, and camping was no exception.

Georgie just enjoyed being dirty all the time ...

But the greatest fun of all.....was at the river...

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