Cooper S

Janet has coveted the Cooper since she first saw one in 2002 - something about a giant person getting out of a mini car.  And when she finally test-drove one in March 2006, she indeed loved it.

Turns out, once he test drove it, Randy kind of liked them also. He actually suggested we get two for his and hers! 

As a compromise between getting one 115 hp Cooper (as Janet had intended) and getting two Coopers, one for each of us (as Randy had suggested), we opted to get one 165 hp Cooper S.

Chili Red with Black Roof

But what, you may be asking, happened to that adorable little blue beetle that we used to have? It has gone on to its second life as the Raffle-mobile!

Looks as if we COULD fit two in the garage.  Hmmmmm....

And in the “strange but true” category, yes, that is Randy actually washing a car.  Just HAD to get a picture of this rare occurrence.

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