Fall Trip, 2006

Every couple of years we head back to Maine to do some sighting-seeing and visit some of Randy’s family.  This time we decided to start in upstate New York at a truly amazing sight - Niagara Falls.

This is Randy at the top of the American Falls, with Canada in the background.  We had always heard that the view is better from the Canadian side, and it is true. But we putzed around on the American side as well.

We thought it was way cool that we saw a rainbow when we were there, but then we noted that the bridge in the distance that goes from the US to Canada is actually called Rainbow Bridge - which lead us to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, rainbows aren’t that uncommon.

You can see the American Falls tumbling over the edge just beyond us in the photo to the right, and the Canadian Falls beyond that.



These are the Canadian Falls from the Canadian side (where we also picked up a souvenir stuffed moose and, of course, some Aero bars for Randy).  The little boat is the “Maid in the Mist” and despite the cool temperatures, there were plenty of people who donned matching blue rain gear and got on the boat to get their “Niagara shower”.  We opted for the drier, look-down-from-above vantage point.

After Niagara, we shot across upstate New York, making a brief stop near Rochester to visit Randy’s former boss, and another stop at a wonderful Italian restaurant near Syracuse (Santangelos - thanks to a recommendation from Brenda). After a restful night at the Red Rooster Inn in Cherry Valley and an early morning walk in time to see the sunrise, we headed off to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

We only had a morning to walk around, but we saw enough to know we want to go back. Great displays on the old Negro leagues and women in baseball, team displays and LOTS of memorabilia.

Janet hanging on at an overlook for American Falls from the Canadian side.  Engineers have from time to time “smoothed over” the falls to keep them even on top - I think that is what all the rubble at the bottom is.  All I know is I would not want to go over those falls in a barrel or anything else for that matter - just doesn’t look like a comfy landing.....

The actual rotunda where the players, managers, announcers, etc, are enshrined is a bit like a mausoleum and everyone who enters immediately starts to whisper (although as far as I know there are no dead people there).

When we do go back to Cooperstown, it will be after 2007 which is when Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken, Jr. are first eligible for HOF honors*.  Their plaques will go right where Janet is pointing below.

*Mark McGwire is also eligible in 2007, but puhleeeeeze, there is no way he is in the same league as Gwynn and Ripken.

On to New Hampshire and Maine....

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