Family Dogs

While there are some in our family that continue to insist that cats are “okay”, most of us are really dog lovers.  So we thought it would be fun to feature some of them as well.

Toby was originally one of our rescue dogs. When we first got him he had been hit by a train and shattered his pelvic bone. Vets were able to piece it back together by attaching a metal plate (he would never make it through airport metal detectors).  He was a very sweet boy and stayed with us for almost 3 months while he recovered, then was adopted, but came back to us when that adoption didn’t work out.  But there is a happy ending.....

“Buddy” was also one of our foster dogs. He had been hit by a car and had to wear a cast for 11 weeks while he healed.  He was not allowed outside except to “go”, and then had to wear a plastic bag on his casted foot.  He was probably our goofiest rescue boy.

Toby and Niko (aka Buddy) were adopted by Janet’s brother Dave, and now live the good life in Mt. Shasta, CA.  They have a gorgeous yard to relax and play, a nearby lake for swimming and get to take annual road trips with Dave.  Life is good (and thanks again Dave!)

Christmas 2002.  L to R: Lady, Niko, Toby, Georgie and Gracie. Note that the girls are dressed appropriately in Christmas finery.

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