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2004-2005 Fun Times

Our 2005 actually started in Dec 2004, when the entire Clarke clan returned to San Diego, CA (where we grew up) for Christmas.  Enjoy some photos from that raucous, rowdy and loud affair, followed by some fun photos from hiking and tourist-ing (is that word?)

The pages below are kind of old at this point, and have been on our website for a while.  But.... we left them up anyway, primarily because this website is kind of like our photo album now.  And we still enjoy looking at them!!!

Maine 2004

In October 2004, we headed back to Maine to visit some relatives, see the fall foliage, and (hopefully) prove to Janet that there really were moose in Maine.

Summer Fun 2004

Road trips, camping and beer drinking in Bavaria were some of the fun in summer 2004.

Highland Meadows 2004

Not exactly an activity... but in summer 2004 we purchased a 20-acre wooded (sortof) lot in the McKenna Forest Reserve.  We call it Highland Clearcut...

Eagles and Snow

The end of 2003 and beginning of 2004 brought us alot of the white stuff that, in Clarke family vocabulary, we call “glacier fuzz”.  To the rest of the world, it is known as ............ snow.

Cruisin’ 2003

In September 2003, we joined Randy’s sisters Lynn and Brenda, Brenda’s husband Dennis, and good friend Barb for a cruise to southeast Alaska. A very different vacation for us, but lots of fun!

Lama Lovers Roundup 2003

In July 2003, we took a few days of “island time” and ventured over to San Juan Island for Lama Lovers Roundup 2003. This was a wonderful experience, complete with camping, llama talks, orca watching, making new friends and absolutely perfect weather.

Hiking 2003

Spring and summer are the perfect times to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Washington State.  We take any opportunity we can to do some hiking.  With National Parks and Forests almost literally in our backyard, there are plenty of choices!!!

Florida 2003

In February 2003, we traveled to Florida to spend some time with Randy’s sister Brenda and her husband Dennis.  The four of us headed off to the Everglades in south Florida for a little gator-watching.

2002 Fun Toys

The end of 2002 brought us a couple of “toys”. We opted not to get a fully outfitted speedboat for waterskiing pleasure (mainly because we do not live on a lake and do not waterski!), but did get a small utility trailer and a small tractor.

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