Fun Times

As most of our friends and family are aware, we are generally homebodies - there is so much to do and see right here near us that we rarely venture very far afield. But change in scenery is good for the soul, so every now and then we take flight to visit and explore new places (or revisit old ones!).

San Diego, November, 2008


North Cascades, New Years, 2009


Tennessee, April, 2008

Clarke Camping Trip, Oregon, July 2008

Barrow, AK Aerial Surveys, 2008


Bowheads and Arctic Alaska, October 2007

Washington DC and surrounding countryside, May 2006

Phoenix, AZ for Spring Training, March 2006

Horseback Ridiing in the Cascade Foothills, July 2006

Upstate New York and Maine, October 2006

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