Fuzzball Llamas


We have had llamas since 2002. Our two geldings are Burns and Allen and our two girls are Cocoa and Suzie. There is a whole lot of information about our llamas on the original website.

We honestly do not “do” much with them, aside from an occasional fun excursion with other llama folk, but they keep us amused with their faces and antics.  They are also quite prolific at producing awesome fertilizer (aka poop).

In August, we asked a friend of ours to come out and shear three of our llamas.  We have done this ourselves in the past but wanted to get more taken off their legs and hips which really does require someone with electric shears.  Llamas really do take on a different look when they have been sheared.

The rear view of Allen - would pretty much expose everything..... if he had not been gelded a few years ago.

Cocoa was getting pretty scruffy so we had her sheared as well. The only true spectator this year was Suzie.

Like any animal, llamas have unique personalities. Some of ours love the water when it is hot, others will not go near it. Suzie is a water lover, especially coming out of a sprinkler - she will stand there for hours on a warm summer day, often walking right up the sprinkler to try to drink and turning to all sides to reap the full benefits.

Llamas are very curious animals by nature, very aware of anything new in their environment. Visitors, new vehicles, contractors repairing the shop roof, someone wearing a floppy hat - all will peak their interest.  Janet once wore a summer dress out to feed them, and Burns walked right up with a totally puzzled look on his face and sniffed her all over.  Let’s face it, Janet in a dress is a weird site indeed!

Here they are staring at a visiting ungulate in their pasture.

This yearling somehow got in the enclosure but could not find his way out - he was too big to fit through the fence rails, but too small or timid to jump over.  Eventually he figured out a way (actually Janet opened the gate for him to run out). We have several neighborhood black-tailed deer that pass through, stopping to nibble roses and other shrubs (which is why we have no roses or tulips in the front yard).




We are also home to about 1000 Douglas’ squirrels, one of whom was caught helping himself to water at the llama trough.

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