Goofball Labs

Georgie, 9 years, Wiley, 2 years and Gracie, 11 years

Gracie and Wiley charge about the back yard together every day, investigating anything new and checking into everything old. They are avid squirrel chasers and alert us to any deer grazing out in front.

Georgie is our “pog” (people dog). She would almost rather be with us than with the other dogs.

Our dogs earn their keep around the house with various chores.  Here, Georgie is cleaning her pool.

The dogs also inspire us to go for walks every day, keeping us fit and trim (well, fit-ish and trim-ish).  Wiley also helps out by carrying a pack filled with carrots for the neighborhood horses.

All of the dogs are helpful during the day when we are working...Wiley sits as close as possible to Randy, sometimes even under his desk (taking up leg room and foot space).  Georgie does the same under Janet’s desk.

And, of course all three dogs like to help out in the kitchen...

Janet’s brother Dave came up for Thanksgiving and brought his two yellow dogs to share time with their cousins.  Notice how none of the dogs are paying any attention to the photographer - how does Wegman do it?  Niko (far left) and Toby (behind the black dogs) were two of our foster dogs a long time ago.

Wiley’s arrival to his new home....

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