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Buckley, Washington

We bought this property in June 1998 and moved in June 1999.  We now have alittle over 10 acres .  At the back of the property, down a fairly steep hill, is Gale Creek. The property is mostly wooded and very private.  We LOVE it.  Taking care of and improving the property is what we enjoy the most, so this page features some of our projects.

Sunken Garden

One of our big projects this year (2005) is to finish what we call the “Sunken Garden” area, which is behind the house down a small hill.  We started clearing it of brush and trash trees in 2003 and started designing and planting (and doing more clearing) in 2004.  Take a look at where we are now.....


Despite having to weed vegetable gardens in the hot sun as a child (and then being forced to eat the icky stuff for dinner), Janet now enjoys gardening. 

Electronics Lab

Randy designs and tests electronic circuits, which means that gazillions of parts and lots of test equipment are needed.  To provide him with a dedicated space to work with these components (and to get the stuff off the kitchen table), Randy is converting the space over the garage into an electronics lab.

Randy’s Shop

Before we moved, we had a contractor build Randy’s shop. It was designed and built to match the house. It is 30’x36’ (about the size of our first house) and has a good-sized loft for storage. The interior was unfinished and Randy has since done alot of the finish work to complete it.

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