Horses 2006

In July, Janetís mom and niece Whitney went off galavanting around Italy and Greece (where it was reportedly hotter than hell).  By the way, where is the website for that trip? So Janet and niece Mikaela went horseback riding with Circle C Outfitters up near Crystal Mountain in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. The weather was gorgeous, and the guide (also the owner) kept the one-liners coming.  Mik was saddled up on Dobbins and bringing up the rear of our little group, sitting high as if she had been riding her whole life. Until..... all of a sudden she wasnít riding high anymore - in fact she was off to one side and then on the ground. Her saddle slid over to one side and took her right with it. With the help of the guide, Mik was right back up on Dobbins - the true epitome of a trooper. The story continues below....

We rode about 2 miles to a gorgeous meadow called Bullion Basin, where we disembarked from our steeds and took a few photos. There is a natural spring in the meadow that kind of burbles to the surface, which is near where the photo above was shot.  Notice the sort of funny way that Mik is holding her right arm......


....that is because when she fell off the horse, she sprained her wrist!!!  She didnít say anything until we were all the way back down the mountain and enjoying our post-ride lunch!!! She also got a mondo bruise on her butt, and still insisted that she had lots of fun.

Thanks Mik, for a fun and memorable day - letís do it again, eh? The horseback ride part not the spraining-of-the-wrist part!!!

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