Kitchen Remodel 2008


The master bath and bedroom remodel went so well in 2007 that we bravely moved forward on remodeling the kitchen. We had remodeled our kitchen in our last house so we sort of knew what to expect.  The existing kitchen wasnít awful - but it was pretty boring.  Two lines of oak cabinets, laminate counter top and an odd shaped pantry that made the space seem smaller and was not an efficient use of space.

Our kitchen and nook in February 2008. With this project, we contracted out alot of the prep work. Randy still did all the electrical wiring and alot of the basic tearout, but we hired a contractor to do the plumbing, sheetrock and painting. That saved alot of time! We started the tearout in late April and were pretty much finished in mid July.

By early May, the kitchen was nearly empty of cabinets and appliances.  Because so much sheetrock patchwork would be required, we opted to tear almost everything out - this also made it easier for Randy to upgrade the electrical and install new lighting.  We invested in LED canned lamps - they give off great light, donít give off the heat of regular canned lights, and are very inexpensive to have on.  We also widened the door between the kitchen and the dining room to open up the area abit.

The triangular pantry and soffit were the first things to go - it was amazing how much difference tearing out an 8Ē soffit could make.  The room seemed much bigger (if we ignored the insulation spilling out of the ceiling).

Randy also got to use his favorite demolition tool, the sawzall!

Down to the bare bones...

The new sheetrock is up, the entire space is painted, just waiting for all the new stuff...

The new kitchen unveiled....

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