Our Labradors - “The Girls”

We have three labradors, known affectionately as “the girls” (and occasionally by other unprintable names).

Gracie is our eight year old lead dog.   She is a small lab-mix, but is the leader of our pack. She spends her time chasing squirrels and birds and (when she gets a chance) deer.  She is also our prime watchdog.

Georgie came to us a cute-as-a-button 9 week old puppy.  Never in the history of dogs was there a cuter puppy (unbiased view of course). She has retained her puppy looks and puppy attitude, despite the fact that she is six.  She refuses to take responsibility for any action and often acts without any semblance of a conscience.  She loves to play ball and will follow her big sister Gracie anywhere.

We lost our Ladybug in December 2005.  She was much loved and has gone to her reward in the next life. We figure her rewards will include her favorite things, including unlimited dog treats, car rides, comfy beds, and just hanging around people.

Family Dogs

Can’t help it - we are definitely dog people.  Here are a few of the other dogs in our extended family.

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