Our Llamas

We got our first two llamas (“the boys”) in Apr 2002, after about 5 years of planning!!! Burns and Allen are incredibly funny and have already given us lots of enjoyment and plenty of laughs. In Aug 2003, we added to our little farm, and got two girls, Miranda and Cocoa.  Sadly, we lost Miranda in Apr 2005, but were lucky enough to find a new gal pal for Cocoa..... 





2005 Llama Happenings

We lost a llama (not fun), we gained a llama, and we took the boys to a Llama Fun-day at a farm in Winlock, WA which a blast.



An annual shearing is needed to remove old fiber and make sure the llamas stay cool enough in the summer. We called in some professionals to shear the boys the first time, but since then, we have sheared our llamas ourselves (and it shows...)

Miranda was our oldest girl and the queen of our little herd.  In March 2005, she took ill very quickly and unexpectedly and died soon after. Losing pets is part of having pets, but not the easy part. Our hope is that she is pronking happily in her next life.

Photographing Llamas

Photographing llamas is... an adventure. They tend to strike dramatic poses, then move at the last minute such that the resulting photo is somewhat less-than-awesome.  Here are some series shots to illustrate this point.

Loafing Shed

Before we got the llamas, we had to put in a hay shed, loafing shed and lots of fencing.  The fencing and hay shed were installed, but the loafing shed was built by Randy in early spring 2002.

For more information on llamas in general, visit the Lama Owners of Washington State (LOWS) website.

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