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Janet, Grace and Georgie after a short hike.  We love to hike!

Every year, we purchase (too) many toys for the dogs.  They like stuffed animals with squeakers the best - the more squeakers the better.  Normally, Gracie makes it her personal quest to rip open the toy as soon as possible to remove the squeakers. But for reasons unknown to us, she has not done that to Moosie. We have had two Moosies since Christmas 2005 and both remain intact. In fact, if we step on Moosie and make it screech, Gracie will come running in from another room and take it away from us, as if she is rescuing it.  Go figure.

There is probably nothing that our pups (and us!) enjoy more than taking a good hike.  In fall 2006 we went up to Bullion Basin near Crystal Mountain with Gracie and Georgie leading the way. Janet had been up this trail with our niece Mikaela in July on a horseback ride and thought it would be a good hike as well.  What a difference a few months make - we actually had snow at the top of the trail.

Bullion Basin apparently got its name because there used to be alot of silver mining nearby. Now it is a gorgeous natural recreation area.

Pack it in, pack it out!

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