North Cascades 2009

2008 was a very busy year for us, with lots of travel but not much opportunity for just the two of us to get away. So we decided to take a short vacation to the North Cascades over the New Yearís holiday.  We loaded up our car with our canine kids, entrusted the care of our llamas to our wonderful neighbors, and headed to the North Cascades along the Skagit River. We stayed at Ovenellís Heritage Inn, which is the same place Janet and her mom stayed several years ago.

A bonus to the trip was seeing lots of eagles along the river, but the main reason was R&R with just our little family. It was awesome!

Lots of snow and a beautiful river. On the far side there are some clumps in the trees - those are bald eagles.

After our camping trip to Oregon this summer, our dogs are seasoned travelers. Hard to see them, but those are Wiley, Georgie and Gracie.

Our little home away from home.  Very cozy. No phones, no email, lots of reading and resting and....

... romping in the snow with the pups.

This photo does not mean much to most people, but the sight of our Georgie (in front) curled up with her little brother Wiley (in back) is one we never thought we would see.

As we said, lots of resting.


One of our best New Yearís EVER!

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