Our Home 2007

In 2007, after several years of adding improvements to the outside part of the property, we were ready to tackle some interior remodeling.  We had quite ambitious plans, starting with the master bedroom and bath, then moving on to the kitchen/nook and living room/dining room. Alas, life interceded and things got way too busy, so at this point (November), we have only completed the master bedroom and bathroom.  But the kitchen/nook is in our sights for next year......

We attacked the master bedroom first. Like all of the other rooms in the house, it was painted a very boring off-white color and had truly ugly red and pink carpeting - the photo to the right really does not show the carpeting in all its inherent ugliness.  It took us a few tries at possible wall colors, but we eventually found a color combination we liked.  New wall and trim paint plus new carpeting and it is a whole new room.  We always try to find colors that look good with the dogs.....

The finished product!

Then it was on to the master bathroom. This room got an extreme makeover (where is Ty when you need him?).  Everything was gutted - shower, cabinet, vanities, toilet, tub, closets, carpeting (the same ugly red and pink stuff that was in the bedroom).  The tub was not replaced - we used it mainly to wash the dogs and figured we could come up with a better use of that space. And we did!

Before (above) and after (right).

The hideous carpeting was replaced by hand-laid tile which coordinated with the tile in the new shower. We did all the prep work, including tear-out, patching, painting, plumbing, and electrical.  We probably could have done it all on our own, but honestly, we would probably still be working on it now!  So we paid the professionals to install.  Overall the entire remodel took about 3 months from start to (nearly) finished which isnít bad.  Thankfully, we had another bathroom at our ..... disposal.

Randy gets ready to Sawsall the old fiberglass shower, while Janet does her paint thing.

The tiling in progress (above) and the finished product (right).  The new shower is wider and deeper than the old one. We also installed a frameless shower door.

The new cabinets are custom-built cherry with a granite counter top. We had the cabinets built higher than normal because, well, we are taller than normal.  No more leaning over at a right angle to brush teeth!

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