Pet Projects


2008 was the “year of the kitchen”.  No, not as in Janet finally cooked dinner regularly. As in, “let’s rip it out and start over again”.


Speaking of pets, whenever Randy goes to San Diego for work, we figure there is a better than 50% chance he will come home with a dog.  Not just any dog, but one of these beauties.... His sister Lynn is an active volunteer and happy greyhound owner.

Most of our projects center on our maintaining and improving our 10-acre property. And quite frankly, many (most?) of these projects focus on doing things for our immediate family. 

Hence, “pet” projects!

In late 2004, we purchased the lot next to us (which we had been coveting ever since we moved).  A house site had already been leveled and cleared, which made it perfect for llama foraging.  Alas, that meant more fencing!  After recovering from fencing-contractor-sticker-shock, we decided the wisest thing would be to install the new fencing ourselves (understand that in this case the “ourselves” actually means Randy).

Before the fence went in, we had to do a fair amount of brush clearing.  Much of this was accomplished by the tractor and the weed whacker.  But Randy likes to personally go after stinging nettles...

We opted to use a combination of t-bars and posts for this fence. The fence is not visible from the road, as the front of the property remains unfenced to continue to provide good habitat for our neighborhood wildlife. We installed a large drive-thru gate at the top and a tractor gate at the bottom. 

And, of course, a gate from the existing llama pasture.  The llamas were marginally interested in our activities as the fence was being built, and they often hung out very close to the new gate, even though it was closed. However, when we finally opened the new gate to let them in, Randy actually had to herd them through. And as you can see from the looks on their faces, they were curiously suspect of everything they saw.  But within just a few minutes, they seemed to realize what a cool place they had just entered!

One of the other improvements to the new property was to move the existing la-manure compost pile.  The back area is framed in and will allow us to dump small wheelbarrow loads from the back while having easy access from the front for the tractor. The compost pile is always kept covered with a tarp to encourage hotter composting.

Installing the fence is just the first step.  There is always the inevitable fence repair....

In 2007, we started with some interior remodeling....

All work and no play makes for too much stress, sooooooo we have obtained a stress-reliever.

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