San Diego, Nov 2008

For Thanksgiving 2008, Janet’s entire family converged on San Diego and enjoyed a wonderful extended family Turkey Day at her brother and sister-in-law Steve and Laurie’s house (and thanks again for hosting!).  Most of that day was spent eating and visiting with relatives that had not been seen in quite some time. Alas, no photos were taken! At least not by us.

But prior to Turkey Day, we did a bit of touristing.

We did a road trip to Julian, in the mountains east of San Diego. Janet and nieces Whitney and Mikaela discovered “Bob” (as in Big Boy) - a definite relative of a Big Boy we had met in April back in North Carolina.

We also visited the USS Midway Museum, which is actually the aircraft carrier Midway (CVB41) anchored in San Diego Bay. Very cool place to visit, lots of great history, very knowledgeable volunteers, and a deck that could host a football game!

This is the flight deck of the Midway, which was commissioned in 1945 and served longer than any other aircraft carrier - 47 years.

There is an impressive array of restored aircraft both on the flight deck and down below.

Brother-in-law Lea on the bow of the Midway, overlooking San Diego Bay with the carrier Nimitz in the background at Naval Station North Island.  Lea served proudly in the US Navy onboard guided missile destroyers, USS Halsey (CG-23) and USS Vincennes (CG-49).  Touring the Midway with Lea was especially meaningful because he could give his personal insights into what it was like to serve on Navy ships.

Randy and Janet met some new (2-D) friends onboard the Midway.

Randy and Lea having some fun on one of the aircraft displays on the lower deck.  They stayed in there so long, there was a line of little kids forming just waiting their turn to have a seat in the cockpit.

Whitney and Janet opted for a much more sedate try-out of jet jump seats. Notice the professional flight suits!

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