Spring 2006

During the winter, we limit our llama access to most of the property.  This way, we can control the mud better and allow for vegetation to recover from browsing.  So it was especially wonderful for our four llamas when their brand new pasture area was opened up for them this spring.  Notice all that tall grass... it has all been nibbled down at this point.  Llamas are grazers so they will also eat tree branches, shrubs, berry bushes, ferns - you name it they will eat it.  Except stinging nettles.

As expected, the two girls were much more adventurous when it came to exploring their new pasture. They trotted on up the road as if they had always owned it.  Of course, once the girls headed up the road, the boys had to follow.  Burns, in particular, hates to be separated from “his girls”.  He has to run after them and make worry sounds the entire time until he has them back in his sight.

Here are Burns and Allen in spring 2006. Compare these photos with their look one year ago, right after we had sheared them. 

Allen is so fuzzy after just one year that we will be shearing him again this summer.

Burns gets a reprieve for this year - he gets to wait until next year for his next haircut.

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