Storms 2006


Fall 2006 and early winter 2007 have taken a toll on the Pacific NW.  We had record rainfall in November which led to widespread flooding, then an area-wide wind storm in early December which led to widespread power outages.  In early January, we were plunged into a prolonged freeze which is pretty rare for our area.

Fortunately, we are fairly self-sufficient with our propane generator and reliance on our own well.  We always make sure to have plenty of provisions on hand for us as well as all of our critters.

So the biggest immediate impact to us is always fence damage from treefalls.  With so much rain in November, the ground was saturated. High winds and saturated ground equal trees falling.

If you look carefully in the photo above, you can see our chain link fence on either side of the fairly large tree that toppled in one of our early November wind storms.  This will be a BIG fix come this spring.

Not to be outdone, the big December windstorm caused the tree below to tumble down.  At first glance, we thought we had gotten lucky with the tree falling parallel to the fence.  But, no such luck, it actually took out both sides of the fence corner. More fence repair in our future....

Overall, though, we have been pretty lucky with treefalls. We had one narrowly miss our well house, one land above but barely touching our pickup and one that would have demolished a large section of the vinyl fence except that it was stopped by another tree. Add to that that our house, shop, animals and we have never been hurt so we must have some lucky stars indeed.

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