Storms 2007


Up until Fall 2007, we had been pretty lucky with windstorms in that nothing big had been damaged.  That changed in October when our first big windstorm of the season sent a large big leaf maple smack down onto the shop roof. We were actuallly still comparatively lucky, because it missed the dormer and did not take down any of the brick wall.

There was also fairly minimal damage to stuff inside the shop, but a ton of stuff had to be moved to allow the contractor access to the damaged area.  Randy took advantage of the situation to throw out some stuff that had been collecting dust for years (decades!).

The first thing that happened was getting a crane in to lift the tree off the roof.  At the same time that was done, we had the tree guys take down an adjacent maple that looked a bit too threatening to us. The giant blue tarp went back in place for another week until the general contractor could get started with the repair.

Why do tarps come in such bright “look at me” colors?

Once the general contractor got started, the repair was done in less than two days. It will take some time for the new roof tiles to get moldy and dark to match the other ones, but all-in-all we were very pleased with our insurance and the contractor.  The whole thing was fixed by Thanksgiving so we did not have to put our turkey day guests to work roofing after all!

Now if WE could just get around to fixing the wind damage from last year....

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