Wash DC, 2006

In early May, Janet flew out to Washington DC to meet up with her mom Marilyn and her friend Bobbe to do some touristing in the area. The main focus of the DC trip was to visit the new National Museum of the American Indian, which opened on the Mall in 2004. 

The NMAI is wonderful from top to bottom. Gorgeous architecture, beautiful displays, wonderful educational material and a cafeteria that served Indian fry bread - what could be more perfect? It also is truly a “living” museum, with visiting artists, a very active outreach program and involvement of Native groups from across the Americas at every level. Very cool.

The totem pole to the right was carved at Saxman Village in Ketchikan specifically for the opening of the NMAI museum - in fact this was the pole that was being worked on in when we were in Ketchikan in 2003.

House pole from Pacific NW area - at the time when we visited there was a large exhibition on eleven native cultures of the Pacific NW, from Washington State, Canada and Alaska.

Of course, no visit to DC would be complete without visiting some of the memorials in the area.  Marilyn, Bobbe and Janet had all visited most of the memorials before, but the WWII memorial and the Korean memorial are fairly new and none of us had seen them.  They are completely different from one another.

The WWII memorial is a little more traditional - each US state and territory is represented by a stone pillar and there are several bronze bas reliefs that depicts scenes from this time period. The memorial is very open and airy while at the same time rather somber. The fountain would be rather tempting to dip in on a hot DC summer day, but there are several signs requesting that visitors show respect by not “running in the sprinklers”.

The Korean War memorial is somewhat less traditional. It shows a platoon of foot soldiers moving out in full gear. Different yet equally engaging. 

I suppose that as long as we wage war we will continue to need war memorials - wonder what the memorial for the Iraqi war will look like....

After a weekend in DC, Bobbe headed back home to San Diego and Janet and Marilyn rented a car for a short road trip to some local sites previously unvisited.....

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