We started 2007 with our two wonderful dogs, Gracie and Georgie.  Lots more about them on the original website.

In early January, our two girls were joined by a younger brother, Wiley.  He is about a year old, all black and appears to be part shepherd and part lab. Once he got past being incredibly scared of everything around him, he has turned out to be a very lovable and sweet little boy.

As anyone who knows our history with dogs (and “double door lock down”) is aware, we have not always had dogs who got along.  So right from the start, we have worked very hard to ensure that these three do.  Mainly this is done by ensuring that they know that we are the alpha dogs.  The picture to the right is in our home office, Wiley, Georgie and Gracie at the very top.

Wiley has one ear that stands straight up and one that folds over, which is ever so cute.  He is a total “Dad’s dog” and only likes the bed that is closest to Randy’s desk.

It has been awhile since we have had a young dog around here, and we have to remember that he has a lot more energy than our mellow mature girls. So we go out several times a day for outside play time (plus Randy plays ball with him in the hallway).

Wiley has already discovered the fun of “squirrel tree”.

What good dogs, eh? 

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