To be honest - this is only Janet’s work.  We’ll get photos of components and transformers and test gear from Randy’s work up soon.

Shock Trial

In Spring 2001, Janet was Environmental Mitigation Team Leader for the Shock Trial of the DDG 81, Winston S. Churchill, held off northern Florida.  A shock trial is mandated by Congress for all new classes of ships, and consists of detonating 10,000 lbs of explosives at set distances from the ship. The purpose of the Environmental Mitigation Team was to prevent, to the best of our ability, any deaths or injuries to marine mammals and sea turtles during the process. The shock trial was a success - three tests completed and no animals killed or injured.

Gray Whale Surveys

In Summer 2002, Janet was fortunate enough to go back to Alaska after a 10-year absence and do a week of aerial surveys in the northern Bering Sea. We stayed in Nome, Alaska, which has grown a great deal since the early 1990s.  Our flights took us directly over St. Lawrence Island and the villages of Gambell and Savoonga, as well as right near Little and Big Diomede Islands in the Bering Strait. We saw hundreds of gray whales, mostly feeding.  A very good time.

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